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Welcome to our Website. My name is Peter and my wife’s name is Saeng (she is Thai and an excellent Thai cook) we have a teenage daughter named Bo.

We are 100% committed to sustainable living and do our best to do this. We have a 40 acre property with only about 10 acres cleared and the rest is natural rainforest. We have only been living here since September 2011 so everything is still a work in progress but it is all coming together really great. We have cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, geese, peacocks, guinea fowl,Pigeons, quails a cat and a brilliant Border Collie dog called Buddy.

We have a substantial vegie garden with a large variety of plants and also about 100 fruit trees in our orchard. Everything is done on Permaculture and Bio Dynamic (Demeter) principles with all animal manures are recycled via compost back into the soil. We have Banana circles, flow forms, Bio Dynamic compost, , rotational chicken farm with chicken tractors, 2 Mandalas etc.


Our property’s name is Zazen, which means the Source, It is a Buddhist term and is about getting back to our owne Source and becoming a much Happier and Healthier person. Zazen is set up to show people another way of life free from all modern day restrictions.

Cooktown is a very beautiful place and is definitely worth a visit while you are in Australia so if you wish to spend some time with us then get in touch and we will see what happens.

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